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- Harrison Fox -

"Ricky's programs are second to none! I am absolutely blown away with the improvement in not only my surfing but in general fitness and confidence in the water. The programs are super easy to follow and the exercise videos are a huge help with technique. It's always good when your coach loves to get out in the waves with you as well!"

- Gold Coast surfer


- Eveliina Taka -

"Training with Ricky is really motivating since he cheers you in everything you do; it feels like you're training with your best friend! Ricky's coaching is well organised and he always acts in the best interest of the athlete. Ricky is not only a great coach, but also a great person!"

- Snowboarding athlete (Finland)

- Valtteri Kautonen-

"Ricky's coaching is well organised, versatile and super fun! He uses a wide variety of training modalities, exercises and techniques in each session. Overall, Ricky is one of the best coaches I've ever had"

- Snowboarding athlete (Finland)

- Snowboarding athlete (Finland)